extensions for libgdata

One of the most productive weekends i had , over the past couple of months . Made me work on the long-pending extension part of the libgdata framework and library that is indented for Google data api's , and google service . The gdata framework for c/gobject is developed here http://code.google.com/p/gdata-gobject-client/ Almost got it done… Continue reading extensions for libgdata


Getting it Started ..!

Lately working on fixing bugs , adding enhancements to the my earlier buggier patch . Pushed it finally to SVN . The code for Google calendar support in evolution data server is now in GNOME SVN . Did some final UI changes , like adding an option for the refresh interval for retrieving data from… Continue reading Getting it Started ..!

Google Calendar + Evolution

  Google Calendar Support in Evolution Google summer of code 2007 application , under the organization GNOME . Whats new ? Gdata library , to support Calendar events access . Plugin in evolution for google calendar . Evolution Data Server Backend for google calendar . Whats Completed ? Supports event viewing Supports event deletion Supports… Continue reading Google Calendar + Evolution