Gnome Roadmap for 2.22

The GNOME Roadmap for 2.22 (and partially for 2.24 and future 2.x releases) is available at:

To have access to the Roadmap of previous stable releases, go to:

To list a few .

The Roadmap for evolution groupware

  • Asynchronous operations support in Evolution
  • Non-intrusive error reporting
  • Smart card support for Exchange
  • Exchange 2007 support
  • Google Calendar support

The Roadmap for evolution data server

  • Migration to D-Bus
  • Google Calendar backend
  • Stability, and minimize the memory requirement



4 thoughts on “Gnome Roadmap for 2.22”

  1. I am using 2.21.4, as packaged with the upcoming Ubuntu 8.04 “Hardy Heron” but it seems that it doesnt work for germany, because in the status line there is an, but I have – because of legal issues here in germany – a at the end of my adress (i left here also, if you want to ask me sth. further)

    it ends up in or, if I leave the domain, in 😦

    Sad, that the plugin doesnt work for me – I personally know have to use the Google Data Provider Plugin of Thunderbird + Lightning, again – until I recognize I can switch over to Evolution!

  2. i have a similar situation, i hope there’s a way to use it with google app websites – if the plugin can accept any @example.tld with a google app that would be awesome.

  3. Is there a confirmed date for when this functionality is live? I was going to set up gcaldaemon tonight but wanted to check and see if this is going to be up very soon.

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