Google Calendar + Evolution


Google Calendar Support in Evolution

Google summer of code 2007 application , under the organization GNOME .

Whats new ?

  • Gdata library , to support Calendar events access .
  • Plugin in evolution for google calendar .
  • Evolution Data Server Backend for google calendar .

Whats Completed ?

  • Supports event viewing
  • Supports event deletion
  • Supports event modification
  • Supports event synchronization
  • Supports event creation

Whats to be Completed:

  • Creating a new separate calendar
  • Folder Synchronization
  • Recurrence , All day event
  • Alarms and Attachments



Sample Calendar Entry:


I’ll be working on completing the missing features , and making the google calendar feature , a lot better 🙂 .

My experience during gsoc 2007 :

It was an amazing experience working on google summer of code , something which i had dreamed off doing but never really imagined i would get a chance to do one . Would love to say GNOME is a wonderful community with very friendly people 🙂 .

And a big thanks to my mentors harish krishnaswamy and chenthill . Who helped me / motivated me , When moments i wanted to quit . Though i wanted to spent lots of time on my project and had a very good start , things started turning from bad to worse and from worse to very worse . Had some personal issues which forced me to spare only a few time , daily , At nights . At the best rate i could .
I started off working very very early , during May. i spent a lot of time doing the initial design , of how and where i’ll be making the changes to the existing code in evolution .
Luckily it helped me in the long run . I had the feeling i would not be getting much of time in the future , because holidays were nearly beginning to end , and regular life was about to start , which promised me free time only during the night .As i started working on , i realised , that the design , what i was to do was to add an backend support for google , along with the existing backends .
Now satisfied with the backend i moved my focus on the client side , which involves writing a client library capable of managing connections , requesting feeds and entries from the server . Added features in the client library . And finally reached upto a stage where i can fetch the feeds from the server and create , a feed a programatically .

Having written this as a separate module . Just had to integrate this with evolution . Struggled a little with the vastness of evolution’s code , but day by day things seemed easier , answers popped out of nowhere , just had to put my mind to it . And things were the way it was . Now This was the time i had to give up gsoc for some time , i really couldn’t afford any more time , when my system crashed , and i lost my code 😦

Luckily i had mailed my mentor my code the week before that , and quickly got back to work after 4 weeks , getting a lot of support and help from chen and harish .
Starting working on the plugin part . It was similiar , ESource had to be dwelt with to create a new calendar . And after the plugin was done , The big task was now the backend .

Backend work was pretty cumbersome , i had to deal with many listeners and didn’t quite figure out the flow of the program for some time . Later it was a achievable task, after a lot of tough times , and writing each of the backend functions one bye one , it was fun though 🙂 , and backend was done . A final grateful thanks to jason willis , for his help in writing the intial objects types .

I must confess , not a lot of what i had planned had been implemented , and it can sure be better if i can put a little more effort in the future .

They guided / motivated me ( My mentors for gsoc 2007 )

Harish Krishnaswamy

P Chenthill


27 thoughts on “Google Calendar + Evolution”

  1. So awesome… been looking forward to this forever. Thanks so much, hope to see this rolled into Evolution soon(ish)(tm). =)

  2. Thank you sooo much, I’ve been hanging on something like this – where’s the code to download:) Is usable as-is for a moderately competent novice?

  3. […] Ebby had been working on providing a backend for the Google calendar under GNOME/Google summer of code 2007. Amidst lot of hitches in between during the project due to his relocation, he has worked hard to complete it.  We are planning to get the work into svn for GNOME-2.22 which means for evolution-2.14. Ebby is now polishing things, for getting the code into svn. According to the recent Soc time-line, code would be hosted between Sep 12 – 14th  since code samples are taken through alphabetical order. He explains the work done for Soc here. […]

  4. Hey ebby, just visited your blog, you’ve got really nice comments [:)], well you’ve done awesome work as you always do. Going Great!!!

  5. Morgan

    No other ways . for the timid , for now :-/

    Yes if you compile evolution from svn you will get the gcal functionality . Iam also sure that it would require more modules, to compile than that specified in the link you provided . You can use jhbuild to build from svn . If you are familiar with compiling from source .

    Else i believe you have to wait :-/

  6. Fantastic! I’ve been wanting to see this feature integrated into evolution for a while now. Thanks so much for working on it! Really appreciated.

  7. Has this come to fruition yet? I’ve tried to get google calendar and evolution working on my Ubuntu install with absolutely no luck at all.

  8. Using Evolution 2.22.0 with the Google sources plugin, I can successfully view my google calendar in Evolution but the public holidays like Labor day, Memorial day, Independence day, etc seem to be spanning all dates as if they don’t have a start or a bad start date or the plugin is just confused. These holidays were added in MS Outlook 2003 and synced up to the google calendar using Google’s calendar sync plugin (

    Any ideas?

  9. It’s implemented in evolution 2.2+ (default with ubuntu 8.04) but the SOAP libraries fail to fetch data from google because they broke the standard on redirects.


  10. I can access one google calendar from evolution, but not publisc/change my events. I have Evolution version

  11. Just wanted to say I just tried it in Evolution 2.24 ans it still works 🙂
    I got confused at first because I couldn’t find the Google Calendar plugin in my list of plugins, but creating a new calendar gave me the opportunity to choose Google as a source directly.
    That was pretty much it (login/pass/choose calendar/choose color and go)


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