If we can empathize with someone, we will know everything they do has a cause and effect. We are all product of our environment and out situation, our thoughts and actions. To empathize is to stand in their shoes for a moment, and to think we could have been them. So we be more kind to each other, so we are kind to ourselves.

“He transferred pain into beauty like a silkworm” This epitomizes the human spirit, because every hurt around is the thing of the mind, and someone needs to seek and liberate.

I had a small take on the concept of pinwheel when fischer discovers in his own subconscious, what made fischer discover this was a thought incepted by cobb in the former stages of the dream, i personally think the pinwheel stands for something that is dependent on something else for it to be what it is, it needs to the wind to move it , just like how fischer’s dad gave fischer everything, and his take on his son was only a pinwheel, volatile, childlike, and spun under his life.

I had the chance to go back to my university, to get my mark transcripts, and reco letters which turned out
to be very useful in other ways. Vinod sir, and benson sir, asked me and dinesh to give juniors in college
talks and presentations, and also clear any doubts they have.

We spoke with our Vice Chancellor for some time, and learnt about how the university is making changes to improve the standards.

When interacting with juniors, It was nostalgic, and i was able to recollect how things had changed for me, when i was in college and how this person’s talk, had pulled me into open source.

Few things we shared was

how to start hacking
what languages to learn first, what operating systems to play around with.
how to keep up the fun in computing.

it was nice going back.

The GNOME Roadmap for 2.22 (and partially for 2.24 and future 2.x releases) is available at:


To have access to the Roadmap of previous stable releases, go to:


To list a few .

The Roadmap for evolution groupware

  • Asynchronous operations support in Evolution
  • Non-intrusive error reporting
  • Smart card support for Exchange
  • Exchange 2007 support
  • Google Calendar support

The Roadmap for evolution data server

  • Migration to D-Bus
  • Google Calendar backend
  • Stability, and minimize the memory requirement


  • One of the most productive weekends i had , over the past couple of months . Made me work on the long-pending extension part of the libgdata framework and library that is indented for Google data api’s , and google service . The gdata framework for c/gobject is developed here


  • Almost got it done . before the weekends came to an halt ..! . Being a weekend hacker i turned to be . And hoping for a break. that would give me more time to focus on hacking .
  • A little more work on the extensions will enable , the recurrence , attendee support for evolution in the calendar services of google . Waiting for the diwali holidays to continue coding .

Lately working on fixing bugs , adding enhancements to the my earlier buggier patch . Pushed it finally to SVN . The code for Google calendar support in evolution data server is now in GNOME SVN .

Did some final UI changes , like adding an option for the refresh interval for retrieving data from the server .


Got the news from chen that i will be maintaining gcal part of eds .
It’s an awesome news , was thrilled to hear that, Well it’s getting started today. 🙂

Move move move! Lock and load! Let’s go!